Just some thoughts

Covered in fur.
I dont wanna be here.
My new bathing suit is at home.
Wants me to try her on and play around the house.
Waiting for summer
I found myself thinking about camping this summer, with my son and all the memories i cant wait to have.
I never think about being in a bathing suit.
Never my thing,
Showing my body.
Feels nice to be in shape.
Easter my sisters were talking about my thighs and how fit they are.
Walk off and said oh yea check out my butt hahah.
My aunt asked me how im getting so toned so fast.
I work out every chance i get.
Yoga, stretching.
Maybe im becoming too obsessed.
But these are the first times ive been comfortable with my body and enjoying how i feel.
Im glad people are no longer hating on how much weight ive lost.
Because im enjoying it too.
Trying to quit smoking.
Have the patch on
But i just smoked my “last cigarette”
Moving slowly as me,
On a journey to where i want to be.
My son knows my real name.
And hes the only one who can call me by it.
Engulfing myself into my life.
Takes my breathe away

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