My other half

Where did my sunday escape go.
The night i held you so close.
You and me and memories
The smell of your skin, sweet spins around in my bed.
It was like yesterday.
Two years have passed.
It was like yesterday.
These arms kept me safe
This man was mine.
2007 so far back, that was our time
The beginning went so fast.
You and me yesterday, we layed in bed
We kissed like had years of rehearsal,
For this play we are in.
But this is no act, i can feel it all over me
You my dear, i fear i will love you for eternity.
Slow notions, steady heartbeats,
You twitch ever so lovely
From your head to your feet.
Something ive missed,
Like the ticking of a clock
I miss the ticks
The twitching of your body so close to mine.
I watch your lips move as im taken away into your world.
I could listen to you forever, though sometimes i dont hear the words.
I watch as you move, you make me quiver.
I denied you but it wasnt because i didnt want it all,
Lets go back into time,
Be my everyday escape,
You belong with me,
Tomorrow and the next.
Ive missed you, my other half