I wont sleep naked
Not by myself
The comfort of clothes
I feel less alone

Ive slept naked before
Body to body
I was not alone
But felt empty in that moment
I did not belong

I acted as though i should be there
But it wasnt for me
That heart beating with mine
He was my reason
Sweet sweat
Deep kiss
Fueling my old soul

His ticks are a treasure
They cross my mind when i wish to be seen as me
Gentle touch
Skin on skin

Tonight im clothed
Who will be the one to undress me
Who will i be then
I hope im ready
If hes worth it
Im sure to see myself in full skin
My way till then

This shirt
So tight
This bed has room for one more
These pants
Im tied up
If i throw my clothes to the floor
Will he appear

Body to body
I will not be alone

I long to be