Armagettin it idk

Sitting inside you can still get lost
Like walking into the next room
Forgetting what you went in there for
Inside herself
But not for long
It rained alot in this room
She danced in the rain
Till she spotted the sun shining through the open door
Who left the door open
How long has it been there
Have i been there before
Isnt that my old room
Lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling
They scattered the light onto everywall
Such a pretty sight

Its hard to leave the rain when youre soaking wet
Why get dry when you enjoy puddle jumping
Hop hop
Hop to it darling
Lets find the sun again!
This is where you were
Thats who you are
Push the clouds from you eyes
Dry the tears of pain
Remember who you are again
Sweet remedy of light

Guide yourself
Its always been you behind the armor
Shine in your kingdom
Top floor
Balcony looking onto the world
Watch your breathe
Follow your mind
Listen to your heart

I love you me
Here you are
Lock the door
Stay here
Carve these walls
Paint the floor
Sing songs along the lines
In the lines
Make your lines
Make your mind
In your light