Feb. 22, 2013

If you didnt know your age how old would you consider yourself to be?

I admitted to an old friend the other day that I need to do some more growing up. She was shocked and that made me smile. Felt good, real.
I like when I can talk to someone who is confident enough and I dont feel the need to bend (put them at ease) to enjoy them. I feel that is one of my purposes in life, what I am here for. Like a sponge, soak them in and breathe out pretty bubbles. Not like Blublublub but like sitting on your bestfriends deck blowing bubbles when you were ten and singing your favorite songs watching the bubbles colors spin from purple to green to blue. Pop!
I take alot of bad energy away from people, always have. I like that part of me, its never too much and always a fulfillment for me until I have no where to drain my own sorrows. Then I feel myself flowing over the rim. I have very few in my life who I can rely when I actually allow myself to or when they force me. They are my angels at bay.

So these blog posts may make me seem depressing, but im actually taking the time to filter my sad sallys before the create tsunamis in one of the only ways Ive ever known.
Diaries for life
Theres my tiddle bit,
I enjoy writing, may you enjoy reading


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