The place that i call, me.


When you wanna rip out your bones and punch rainbows. When you wish the air would escape your lungs, why are there two, just take it all. When the ceilings couldnt fall hard enough. The sky came crumbling down and the clouds never really existed. The buried is alive and the flowers arent breathing. The moon is crying and the suns cackle is overwhelming. When the oceans are caving and the ground is above your head. The people never were and the end was only just a dream, just like the beginning. That here and now, one second of forever. You must be on fire, you can feel it from your eyes to your fingertips. The exhaustion youre sunk in, the bliss of nothing and everything. Thats the moment you land on that pretty star. When all emotions have lost feeling and everything that was and wasnt, is; and isnt. I wonder why it still shines so bright. No windows, no cracked doors, no opening for light. Thats a star of wonder, will you land or have you been there before. Make a map and tell me what you see, all the substance you can absorb. Avoid the consistency of the constellations and die among the whole sky. But let her be my treasure, promise to leave her to me. Let me live on that pretty little star.
That place that i call, me.