Leaving him feels harder every time i make myself go.
If it were up to him i wouldve stayed,
I wouldve been there when he left for work.
I mightve been there when he returned.
And again.
Thats how i would describe us.
Me and him.
Again and again.
When i walk away i wonder if i could ever describe to him the feeling that takes over me.
The panic, i guess.
Feelings of when am i going to see you again.
(((Its not really that thought going through my head, its the feeling. While remembering all we just said, did)))
Though i am just outside your door.
Even though you wanted me to stay, i make myself leave.
A funnel, thats how i said i feel.
I wonder if you cared to know exactly what i meant.
My guess is your thinking was.. Well if she wants to explain that, go for it. If not then i know you anways so I’ll just assume.
You asked me,
But i didnt know what to say, do.
I cant let out so much anymore,
I leave my dreams of us with the moon.
Most nights.
A funnel, me circling around and around just below the brim,
But as time continues and we spend it together,
The closer i get to the end, to you.
But even tho i feel close, i stay circling, making myself stay in the chaos.
One direction, always leaning towards you but never too far from the beginning.
You lean every now and then. Directing me towards the middle. But never more than that. But im tilted to you, how do you think this makes me feel? You say one thing and do another, make me feel another. Make me. Yes. You know you do. And there i am.
its always again and again.
We go we stay we stop we move.
I wish i could bottle up the feelings we silently share when we’re together.
When you pull me close to you, the energy flowing between us.
That would be our favorite drink.
It would be better than the dopest dope youve ever smoked.

I laughed till i cried tonight.
You covered your mouth.
Stop it.
Thats all i wanna say.
Just stop thinking.
Gotta let it rock, let it roll.
Put the bottle down, come and sing my soul.
Jack n diane.

I know you realize life is easier to breath when we’re together.
I just wonder where we’ll end up in your plans.

Never enough,
Again and again.
I swirl in my funnel of you
And us.
Take me down,
Before i fly out.

The nun spun in a circle after saying funnel. I wonder what street limits are. Breathing in foam is the only way to drink a float. Stay on the floor. iLovehateyou
My dear friend

Who is who

If that is the moon
And its my moon
And your moon too
Then where are you
And where am i
And who are you
And who am I
And who is who
And why is why
And if why is nowhere
Then leave him there
Unless who is there
Then bring him here
If who is he
And if he is such and such
And such is some
And some are few
Like who and who
Few must be two
Could be Us two

And if two are they
And they are there
It would be a who-ray
Two who’s would say
But there is not here
Only one who here
And one who there
As i stare
Where could there be
If I am here.
And who is there?

I dont want to be here
I want to be there
I want to make a who pair.
If who was the moon
Then I would be too
And it would be a who moon
One who and one who
A two-who whose

Feels like who could be anywhere
Whoever who may be
Id like to see a who like me

Oh who oh who is he
The moon shall look and see
Moon do you hear me
Find who for me
Take me there from here
Where oh where could who be
Find who for little ole, whose and whats its me

What is what you wonder?
Its when who and who find each other
Then what shall be
Do you know what i mean

The moon yelled down …

Not a few
Not two
This is one
And that someone is you

There is you
Here is you
Why is you
And What,
is love
Love is you
Thats who
Just you

For right now
But now wont be long
Now will become then
Then will be gone
Gone will be strong
Strong will be soon
When you find a who like you

Love always,
Your moon

Kick dirt

He listens and watches, waits and has patience.

She is hit with a bat, he breaks her sun, he swears at her name, he doesnt have time to wave goodbye.
((Letting the ‘good’ times roll))
Hes kicking dirt in her face like a child would, and shes reacting like a woman would.
Play with my emotions, build me up and break me down, wear out old this been won heart. There must be a blinky sign flashing over her, calling the winners in. Gamble till the machine is broken, what else would you do with your gold?
Wear it pretty and share it with everyone else?
Somehow they think a game is worth playing till the very end, but its the scores you receive that matter. Play right.
Pick me up off this floor and leave me be.
Let me heal and let me see. Rocks to your face, as i kiss you better.
If its not crazy, its not worth it.
Call me mentally insane.
Send me back to the playground so i can fit in. This grown heart cant take it anymore. ((Put me back in my overalls))

I cant tell if this is a tired tear or if im always letting you effect me this way, this hard.